Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, August 2011


Project of 10 days with children of disadvantaged communities, to encourage creativity and foster tolerance.

For ten days about 20 children  of different backgrounds,  aged from 4 to 12, played, created, had fun together using different creative techniques in a relaxed and positive atmosphere and in a secure environment.

Faustine Sfeir and Erica Sapir were the facilitators. At the same time, local teachers and trainers were present in order to learn the techniques, and new approaches.



Project of 7 days: Erica with a group of 6  local actors and puppeteers.

The project consisted of creating together a puppet performance, with very limited budget, using found objects and scrap. The subject of the performance was an educational metaphor describing the ills of the city of Kinshasa itself, and how solutions could be found.

The name of the performance – created in 7 days, 4 hours each day – was “the King is ill”.

The idea was to present said performance in the local school.


Both projects were supported by the organization AWLAD.